Spafid Connect is Spafid’s proprietary technology platform using advanced, high-technology content applications to provide services to issuers and support AGM processes. Spafid Connect is 100%-owned by Spafid S.p.A., a Mediobanca Group company.

In March 2017 Spafid Connect acquired the ISPS business unit and some of its services, including the first SDIR created in Italy known as “eMarket SDIR” (previously SDIR-NIS) and the “eMarket STORAGE” storage mechanism, from Bit Market Services, the London Stock Exchange Group information services company.

As part of its specialization in creating, developing and selling IT services for the financial sector and for issuers, Spafid Connect offers the “eMarket SDIR” and “eMarket STORAGE” services, which allow regulated information (i.e. press releases and documents) to be sent and stored.

The “eMarket SDIR” and “eMarket STORAGE” services are also available as an integrated platform to allow the issuer to comply with all requirements through use of a single interface.

The services are authorized by Consob (deliberation n. 19879 for eMarket Storage and deliberation n. 19878 for eMarket SDIR).